• sci-fi • cyberpunk •

Sure, everybody knows the Blackwall exists, but only a few know what lies beyond it: an endless sea of abandoned data centers connected by lone data streams, inhabited by "rogue AIs" born of one man's arrogance which seek to devour not only each other, but also the humans that still yet lie beyond their grasp.

But it's been a long time since Netwatch constructed the Blackwall, and the intelligent systems that it had once kept at bay have become increasingly aggressive in their attempts to breach it. It's only a matter of time until the inevitable war between the humans and the AIs begin, though some would say it has already come to pass.


• fantasy •

Set after the events of Heart of Thorns.

A group of sylvari devastated by Mordremoth's awakening struggle to pick up the pieces after its death.


• listen if u dont know what pokemon is idk what to tell u •

Just some dudes and their Pokemans.

One of them might be an alien from another dimension and another one might be a weird human-Pokemon hybrid but like, it's fine, you know?