• sci-fi • ancient aliens •

Three millenia ago, the gods touched down on Myr'seros.

The Lavaak-sa'haar, as they came to be known, were benevolent and powerful beyond compare. Their sudden appearance ushered in an era of unparalleled technological and theological innovation for the fledgling Ferah-saar. But after a century of rapid progress, the gods departed the planet once again and the advancement of the Ferah-saar resumed at its original pace.

Now, thousands of years later, during a time of great societal upheaval, when the greed of the few have pushed the planet to the brink of collapse, the Lavaak-sa'haar have returned. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like their intent is to help the Ferah-saar...


• wuxia •

Eleven years ago, the crown prince of the Xi Empire was exiled for treason against the Dragon Throne.

For whatever reason, Emperor Xingzong has now seen fit to pardon his son and recall them back to the capitol. Second Prince Hua, now a jianghu legend under the alias "Divine Blossom," only returns at the behest of their sister.

Thrust back into a tiger's den of shaky alliances and ambition-fueled treachery, Second Prince Hua has to avoid a second exile while figuring out who framed them for treason. Unfortunately, it seems like things have only gotten worse since they've been gone.

They could just settle for what they've got... but where's the fun in that?


• sci-fi/fantasy • angels + demons •

A planetary conflict between two sides, with humans caught helplessly in the middle.

On one side, the angels. A swarm of horrible winged creatures with seemingly supernatural powers. Humanoid in appearance, yet merciless and sadistic towards the humans that call this planet home. The sight of their great feathered wings on the horizon strikes fear into all those who witness it.

On the other side, the demons. The creatures of scales and earth. Monstrous in appearance with horns, tails, and armored scales, but they do not seek conflict with humans. Though flightless, they are just as powerful as the angels.

Which side will emerge the victor?


• fantasy •

An endless cycle of sacrifice and rebirth.

The time comes for another turn of the eternal wheel, but it remains frozen in place.

Though the bodies of the gods are starting to fail, the Gallery of Selection remains abandoned, devoid of the next group of potential vessels. The world, brimming with magic leaking from the decaying flesh of The Six, begins to unravel. The natural order of things no longer works as it should, as time flows backwards and dreams warp into reality.

C’veyr, the Radiant Historia, the Unascendant God and the key to continuing the cycle, is nowhere to be found.

Has the end of eternity finally arrived?


• fantasy • mer •

In the waters off of the arctic coast, creatures swim beneath the waves. Some would call them sirens; others would dismiss them as tricks of the light. But who can say for sure? The perpetual fog that hugs the coast and its surrounding forests makes it impossible to discern between the real and the imagined.

You can always ask the salmon, who spawn and die here, but they're not keen on speaking to dry-landers. Spend some more time wandering the rocky shores, and perhaps you too will see the truth of what lies beneath the surface.