The Ferah-saar of Myr'seros all speak Ferah'yhuh, a language composed of sharp consonants and hisses.

Ferah'yhuh once had thousands of local dialects, but now only a few dozen major and minor dialects remain. The major dialects can be broadly grouped based on region: highlandic, lowlandic, wildwoodian, coastal, islandic, fjordian, and archipelagan.


As most life on Myr'seros is mono-sex, gender is not a concept that exists among the Ferah-saar. All individuals use the same pronouns (xhe/xhem/xher). When referring to other species, each species has a unique pronoun that is used for every single member of that species (ex. Lavaak-sa'haar: ze/zem/zer; Vaelyk-saar: ve/vem/ver). With the advent of modern species categorizations, Ferah-saar will typically group a variety of similar species into a single "clade" and refer to all species in that clade with the same pronoun.


"channeling the earth's power"

Getting angry with someone over something because you didn't communicate clearly enough.
// "Xheiyrihc asked xher assistant to bring anything that wasn't sweet and channeled the earth's power when xhe brought a bitter drink."

[Comes from the Lavaak-sa'haar Faetrihc, who was said to be a poor communicator, yet flew into frenzies whenever someone misinterpreted zer words.]



A 'saar that's gone mad, often sprouting all sorts of nonsense.
// "Did you hear that overluminated 'saar talking about ancient alien gods?"

[Comes from the Lavaak-sa'haar Seitziil, the keeper of secrets, who is said to live in the Illumination.]


A 'saar who is trying to impose their will upon others with little consideration for their points of view.
// "That sunbrained CEO is trying to make everyone come in before first rise even though our hatchlings can't wake up that early..."

[Comes from the Lavaak-sa'haar Vahrtiis, the tyrant of the stars.]


1. An organism that can or has reproduced via parthenogenesis.
// "The vyrviinous naartik populations remain stable throughout the years due to their ability to self-fertilize their gametes."

2. A 'saar who is overly obsessed with xher legacy.
// "Vyrviinous 'saar are so weird, who cares about what your hatchlings get up to when they're already out of the den?""

[Comes from the mythical Vyrviin, ruler of the island Fahrivaak, whose residents are all said to have descended from Vyrviin alone. ]