Welcome to the landing page for Myr'seros!

Myr'seros is a soft sci-fi world built on the premise of ancient aliens. And boy are they salty!

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The dominant life forms on the frigid planet of Myr'seros are the Ferah-saar, a species of draconic humanoids. The Ferah-saar have worshipped their gods, the Lavaak-sa'haar, for millennia. Legend (and historical documentation) has it that the Lavaak-sa'haar just showed up one day, stayed for a century or two, and then left. Despite the relatively short amount of time they spent on the planet, the Lavaak-sa'haar made quite an impression on the native inhabitants and are now the dominant religious icons of the species.

Unfortunately, the planet of Myr'seros is teetering on the brink of ecological collapse, in no small part due to the Ferah-saar themselves. Their prayers to the Lavaak-sa'haar have gone unanswered, though they'll soon realize that calling for the return of their gods might not have been the best idea...