Sick Cyberpunk Beats

Links to some of my favorite synthwave/chillwave songs! All links go to Spotify.

Le Perv
POV: you're being chased by (or you are) the killer android in an 80s movie
Technoir (ft. Noir Deco)
going undercover in a nightclub while chasing down a slippery cybercriminal
heavy bass beat for when you want to take down a megacorp that's wronged you
walking through a shadowy alley in a megacity and encountering a beguiling cyberdemon
Culture Shock
transhuman gender-free cyberpunks aggressively defying the status quo (has lyrics)
Suppress It
funky electronic music for those of us more... extraterrestrially-inclined
a powerful psychic who leveraged their mystical powers to become a feared gang leader
subversive synthwave beats to plan your next megacorp backstabbing and/or coup to
a supernatural creature infiltrates a cyberchurch and slowly corrupts its members
POV: you got flatlined and are in cyberhell while the docs zap you to try and rez your dumb ass
a darkness is spreading throughout the city, spreading through wires and bodies alike
Paradise Warfare
taking a vacation from your dead-end megacorp job and going to a tropical island
Reflexive Control
fighting with a netrunner for control over your very cybernetically enhanced body
playing the cyberpunk 2077 we deserved instead of the one we got ✊😔
Lily Love
sitting out in the courtyard during a sunny summer day with your crush (has lyrics)
Blood Moon
lying down underneath the milky way, watching the stars migrate across the sky
retro mix of the song of the same name from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
dissociating from the world while doomscrolling on your optical implant (has lyrics)